Scandinavian NoGI Championships Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 2016

Scandinavian NoGI Championships Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 2016Telge BJJ&MMA present Scandinavian NoGI Championships
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 2016. The first of its kind in Scandinavia.
Västergårdshallen i Södertälje
Telge BJJ&MMA are proud to announce that we will host a No-Gi brazilian jiu-jitsu competition (IBJJF rules) in Södertälje, Sweden.
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telgebjjmma bannerHead organizers for the competition are Robson Barbosa and Pär Friberg, IBJJF black belts at Telge BJJ&MMA.


Scandinavian NoGi championships BJJ are scheduled for 27 of August 2016.
The arena will open at 09.00 for both competetors and spectators. The competion will start at 10.00.

The competition will take place in Södertälje, south of Stockholm. It will be located at Västergårdshallen at Västergatan 2, 15145 Södertälje.
You can get to the arena by car or bus (751) from Södertälje Centrum or a 20 minutes nice walk from Södertälje Centrum station. To get to Södertälje from Stockholm we recommend you to take the community train (pendeltåg) to Södertälje Centrum. Timetables for trains and buses can be found here:

Regular fee for attending this competition is 300 kr. Late registration fee will be 400 kr. No refonding will be possible after the late registration deadline. Payment is done with creditcard when you register to the tournament.

We will have maximum of 400 athletes at the event so please register early to secure your attendance.
If less then three athletes attending one specific weight class, the Scandinavian Nogi crew have the right move athletes to a different weight class.

Registration is done on the smoothcomp homepage:

At Scandinavian NoGi championships IBJJF No-gi rules will be used. This mean that the same rules as applies in normal BJJ will used during this competition (both points and approved technics). Matches will be 5 minutes for white, 6 minutes for blue, 7 minutes for purple and 8 minutes for Black/brown category.

Note: Black/brown category will use IBJJF black/brown belt rules in all matches. Championship belts will be awarded to the winners of the all Black/brown weight classes.

Open class (white & blue) will be devided in -73.5 and +73.5 kg for men, -61.5 and +61.5 kg for women. Purple and Brown/Black categories will only have one open class. All open class winners will be awarded championship belts.

Best team will have a special price given out after all matches are done.

Before the first fight, the athlete will check the weight. You have only one opportunity to check the weight. If the athlete does not make his/her weight, they will be immediately disqualified and are not allowed to compete in either the weight class or open class. Please make sure that you are in the correct weight division. You can not change divisions, if you do not make your designated division, no changes will be accepted on the tournament day, no refunds.

Read more on the IBJJF rules and especially the part on approved cloth (colors) to wear in a No-gi competition.

More Information
At the arena it will be possible to buy food and beverage in the local cafeteria during the competition.

There will be an entrance fee of 50 kr for the spectators of the event. Each participating academy is allowed free entrance for two coaches.

You can read more regarding our competition and get in contact with the crew on our page on facebook:

Click here to visit Telge BJJ&MMA homepage

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